Sunday, 14 January 2007

Ordering procedure

We are registered with Paypal, but are waiting for them to correct a problem which occurred before it had been fully set up. Paypal won’t admit this. Please be patient: it’s only been a year. (Last we heard it had been referred to their own Office of Executive Escalations, which rather says it all.

We do not accept payment by credit card.

Payments sent through the post should be accompanied by sterling cheque to “Writers Forum” (without the quote marks” drawn on a UK bank. Alternatively, we will accept foreign cheques if you add £9 for bank charges per transaction. Blame HSBC

NB P & P costs are for orders for single publications. Because our publications are variously sized, it is not possible to know accurately in advance the total cost of postage and packing where more than one publication is involved. Therefore, large orders may easily be overcharged.

This problem can be overcome by customers for multiple titles asking for a quotation in advance; or we shall credit you against future orders with the amount of the overcharge

Packing and postage quoted here is for UK only. Rates to other areas of the world will be provided as soon as possible. In the meantime, do ask for individual quotations

Please do not guess the amount unless you are very generous indeed!

Please do not send notes and coinage – risking it with sterling is daft, sending anything else is pointless, including euros and dollars (which is a bit like shouting in your language at people who do not speak it)

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