Sunday, 14 January 2007

Kroklok magazine

This year, Writers Forum will reissue all four issues of Kroklok magazine. At present, the following are available

Houédard, Dom Sylvester and Cobbing, Bob (editors); Kroklok # 2; 32 pp; A4 portrait; duplicated; duplicated cover designed by Peter Mayer and Bob Cobbing. Reprints “Three Minimanifestoes” by Bob Cobbing and publishes poems by Raoul Hausmann, Kurt Schwitters, Antonin Artaud, Rabelais, Peter Mayer, Neil Mills, Charles Verey, Hugo Ball, Severini, Theo van Doesburg. Eugen Gomringer, Pierre Albert-Birot, Michel Seuphor, Henri Chopin and Man Ray. Notes by Bob Cobbing; ; September 1971, reissued January 2007; ISBN 978-0-86162-076-0; £3 + £1.00 p & p for UK

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