Monday, 5 February 2007

Introduction to the reissue of Kroklok #3 Saturday 3rd February 2007

Today we reissue Kroklok # 3. In December, when we reissued Kroklok #2, I went into some detail which I shan’t repeat now – that talk is on the blog.

Perhaps the most important thing to tell you today is that there are not many copies of this publication. Kroklok #2 was reissued first because there were enough good quality pages readily available.

In the notes in Kroklok #3, Cobbing has a go at Gestetner

“The delay in publication is largely due to Gestetner’s inability to supply they grey paper on which # 1 was printed. The quality of the paper used for # 2 was less good; the paper for # 3 is a further deterioration”

With that in mind, a small reissue has been achieved by discarding unacceptably poor pages.

There remains an uneven supply of most of the pages. It is just possible that a few more complete copies can be achieved from Cobbing’s printings; but that assumes that some sheets have been mis-sorted and that seems increasingly unllikely.

Attention will now pass to ## 1 and 4 while the possibility of reprinting the missing pages of # 3 is investigated, in order to ensure that it remains in print; but I urge you to buy it now, knowing that things always take longer than one wishes.

Kroklok # 3 is a very interesting issue, starting with a varied feature by Peter Mayer, of which Cobbing dryly remarks “which hopefully has its own logic”, Then there are poems by Morgenstern, Jandle, Peter Finch, Jeremy Adler, Michael Chant, Peter Greenham, Brion Gysin, Zdanevitch, Heissenbutel and Stramm

Copyright © Lawrence Upton 3 February 2007

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